The Secret Service got Kinder out to play (

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Romanian agency The Secret Service signs a initiative for Kinder, focusing on getting kids out to play, by realizing a promotional kit of assembling toys that can be used outdoors.

The awards for specially created by the agency for Kinder’s promotion and are result of campaign’s concept – “the real childhood is spent outdoors”.

The strategy consolidates Kinder’s positioning as promoter of a happy childhood, encouraging kids to go (out to play – n.r.) and offering them also a motivation to do so, namely unusual and irresistible toys.

The toys can be won by buying Kinder products worth at least RON 10 in any store in Romania and entering the recipe number on campaign’s website ( or entering the contest via SMS at 1728. After doing so, the consumer finds out immediately if he won or has to play some more.

The approach attracts both parents – that used to play outdoors during their childhood and resonate now with the message – and the children, that are tempted by prizes to transform them into neighborhood’s celebrities.

The campaign is supported by a TV ad that presents, shortly, the play day of a kid that has a toy suited for outdoor use and that meets all sort of temptations specific to outdoors. The story can be seen also in cinemas and online.

The radio ad is a metaphor using specific expressions for playing outdoors in an electronic manner, suited to our days’ “toys” and showing those ones don’t have any value unless used in an authentic context.

The outdoor capitalizes the awards parked in their natural environment, outdoors, and are shown in a way meant to attract kids.

Kinder products were also placed in a special way in stores shelves, between toy planes or on playgrouds, while wobblers are toys themselves, 3D replicas of the prizes.

The campaign promotes “more play outdoors”, an environment in which kids are discovering the real world, learn to be social, enjoy nature and meet with situations and opportunities that create beautiful childhood memories when they are lived.

The teams working on the campaign included:

  • The Secret Service: Mihai Ene – Copywriting & Creative Direction, Adina Sorescu –  Strategy and Project Management, George Bonea – Copywriting, Agnana Lungu –  Art Direction & Illustration, Silviu Andrisoi – Design, Mihai Girip – Sound Design.
  • Kinder: Camelia Dau – Group Brand Manager Kinder, Clara Mericoffer – Brand Manager.
  • Trilogy – TVC production with Ross Chin – director, Sorin Serghiuta – image director
  • Animotion – postproduction