@gunnreport publishes “The Power of Print” – analysis based on ideas behind most awarded Print and Outdoor ads in the last 15 years


The Gunn Report has released “The Power of Print”, study of the most awarded Print and Outdoor ads in the world, which identifies 13 basic dramatic formats used in Print advertising to engage consumers creatively and effectively.

A total of 1,028 award winning Print and Outdoor ads and campaigns from around the world featured in The Gunn Report’s Print Library have been classified – an average of 50 of the highest ranked ads per year, from 1999 to 2013.

“The Power of Print” report includes a description of the specific thought process involved to identify each of the 13 Dramatic Formats, as well as a total of 140 examples of work which support the analysis. The most represented countries across the 140 ads and campaigns featured in the study are the United Kingdom (24 ads/campaigns), USA (21), France (15), Brazil (12), Germany (9) and South Africa (9). The five most represented agencies, with 5 ads/campaigns each, are AlmapBBDO (São Paulo), Saatchi & Saatchi (London), Saatchi & Saatchi (New York), Scholz & Friends (Berlin) and TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris (Johannesburg).

Donald Gunn
The Power of Print is a comprehensive and useful study that identifies 13 best opportunities for finding engaging and effective creative solutions for Print advertising. A valuable tool for experienced industry professionals looking for a spark of inspiration, or an educational and training document for students and young creatives alike, The Power of Print is a compelling insight of best practice used in brand communications.

Donald Gunn,

Founder The Gunn Report

The 13 Dramatic Formats identified are:

  • Information/Facts
  • Fresh Thought/Insight
  • Demo in Print
  • Dramatise The Need/Problem
  • Exaggerated Graphic for The Need/Problem
  • Comparison
  • Tell a Story
  • Exaggerated Graphic for The Benefit
  • Associated or Used Imagery Lifestyle/Attitude Reflect The Benefit
  • Media-Driven Idea
  • Product Provides The Graphic
  • Borrowed Format or Parody
  • Participation

The report “The Power of Print” report, including information on each of the 13 Dramatic Formats identified as well as all 140 pieces of work featured as examples to support the analysis are available on The Gunn Report

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