Free online video content, on the newly launched Pro TV Plus platform

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Pro TV Plus, the first AVOD platform in Romanian Pro TV’s portfolio, was launched recently. The platform aims to aggregate the local video content broadcasted by Pro TV, Acasa TV and

Pro TV Plus

Pro TV Plus offers visitors the possibility to watch the series and shows broadcasted on the traditional TV channels 7 days after they’ve been up on TV. All the content available on can be accessed for free, without any subscription or user’s account.

The existent sections of the website are Pro TV News, Series – with an archive that includes all Pro TV and Acasa TV productions, Shows – which includes the main formats like Romanians got talent, Voice of Romania, MasterChef, Las Fierbinți, La Maruță, Romania, I love you, shows and sections like Apropo TV, What happens, doc? or I like IT, but also shows which aren’t included in the autumn schedule, like I dance for you