Most beautiful pictures from Romania, on #DordeRomania, in a Samsung supported campaign

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Over 2,700 photos with images from Romania were entered in #DorDeRomania campaign, made by Samsung Electronics Romania and the endorser Brad Florescu. The campaign ran on Instagram and Facebook and, in the end, the photo most appreciated by the jury and the public received, as prize, a Samsung Galaxy K Zoom.

Launched by Samsung Electronics Romania, #DorDeRomania campaign ran from August 13th to September 9th, on Instagram and Facebook, via an app on Samsung Mobile Romania’s page.

Samsung challenged instagramers in Romania to post photos that would make Brad Florescu, Romanian journalist living in Thailand, miss his home country. To enter the contest, the users had to post images on their personal Instagram accounts, using campaign’s hashtags: #dorderomania and #tedooro.

During the first 2 days of campaign, there were over 400 photos posted on Instagram under the hashtag #dorderomania, with the campaign receiving, by its end, 2.775 photos. The photos received 23.614 votes from the public.

Madalina Dragoi photo Instagram contest #dorderomania

The winning photo has all the ingredients to become an iconic image for Romania: field, forest, a beautiful girl, ie (Romanian traditional blouse –, a Ciuleandra step and a drop of mystery. (….) I watched the 2,700 photos entered in the contest also as a stage of a country branding exercise, as a moodboard of Romania brand as it is seen and felt by its owners, the Romanians. The hashtag will remain there as long as there will be Instgram, same goes for the images

Brad Florescu.

The winning photo was designated following  the vote of the public and Brad’s judging and belongs to Madalina Dragoi. The prize consisted in a Samsung Galaxy K Zoom which she can use to keep surprising images that tell stories.

Instagram is an increasingly popular platform in Romania and the quality of the photos posted here surpasses many times the amator level. So it was the normal choice for a visual campaign based on photos made by users. This way, under campaign’s hashtag and with Brad Florescu’s help, we managed to gather an impressive image gallery to be an inspiration source also for others. We wish to keep developing this platform and to discover together places and images that are representative for Romania

Radu Acsinia,

Social Media Specialist Samsung Electronics Romania.

#DorDeRomania campaign was supported also by Samsung Electronics’ Facebook pages from other European countries, with the message reaching, this way, to Romanian communities in countries like Greece and Switzerland.

The teams involved in developing the project included

  • Samsung Electronics: Mihaela Stanoiu (Marketing Manager), Roxana Grigorean (PR Coordinator), Radu Acsinia (Social Media Specialist).
  • Starcom MediaVest: Antonia Marcu (Account Executive), Daniela Eustafievici (Communications Manager), Ilinca Nițu (Digital Account Director), Alina Ionescu (Media Performance Specialist)
  • MSLGroup The Practice: Adina Militaru (Social Media Executive), Raluca Isipciuc (Sr. Social Media Manager), Monica Jitariuc (Co-Managing Director), Oana Bulexa (Co-Managing Director).