BETC and BETC Digital handle the new digital B2C Communication for Schneider Electric

Ads, Creativity

Schneider Electric, with the help of its new agency, BETC, is launching a digital B2C campaign to show off its role and contribution to people’s everyday lives, thanks to its expertise in home energy efficiency. The campaign addresses the general public, introducing the new slogan “Life is On” to put forward the idea that, thanks to its products, homes are more vibrant and filled with energy, allowing people to live life to the fullest.

BETC and BETC Digital created the viral film “Life is On by Schneider Electric – Raccoon Dance Party!” to help the brand stand out in a typically low-involvement category. An unexpected demonstration of the new slogan, the video follows a group of raccoons as they take over an empty house to party. Thanks to the brand’s energy-efficient products, they take things to a whole new level.

BETC Digital also revamped the brand’s website by re-designing it with a UX that is fully centered on the customers. The website has already gone live in several countries and will be deployed in 8 more countries before the end of the year, and the film was launched September 9th.

The campaign was developed after the agencies won a pitch and were appointed to manage a BtoC communication campaign for Schneider Electric.