Cocoon Group Bucharest signed Salatini Junior Crackers’s design for Tymbark Maspex Romania

Branding, Creativity

Cocoon Group Bucharest and Tymbark Maspex Romania worked together this summer on the design for Salatini Junior, Salatini snacks targeting kids.

The brief asked designers to create an attractive universe for children, and a packaging that would differentiate in store through the visual elements or character’s uniqueness.

SalatiniJunior Poster Final

The selected concet – Friendly Monsters – considers both brand’s attributes (funny, playful, friendly) and focuses on illustrated characters especially created for Salatini Junior: a family of 3 little monsters (Tzank, Zdrank and Prank) that invite kids to play and taste biscuits.

With Salatini Junior, we wish to set up the basis of a category dedicated to 4-10 years old children – non-existent until now – namely slightly salted snacks for kids (…) Packaging design is targeting mainly children, with the 3 little monster specially illustrated becoming their play mates and will be present at all the points of communication with the children

Carmen Sologan,

Brand Manager Salatini.

Cocoon Group team involved in designing Salatini Junior included: Andreea Bora – Designer, Evgheny Razzhivin – Senior Designer, Simona Straut – Managing Director CG Bucharest. The client, Tymbark Maspex, was represented by Carmen Sologan – Brand Manager and Catalin Iagăru – Marketing Director.