The first Mozilla tablet and professional drones, for first time on stage at IMWorld 2014

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IMWorld 2014, event scheduled to take place in Bucharest on October 8th-9th, brings for the first time in Romania the first Mozilla tablet – in beta, not yet launched on the market  – and also several professional drones, among which  Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision Plus and Spreading Wings S900, along with Google’s intelligent glasses.


For this year’s edition of IMWorld, we managed to bring, for the gadgets’ fans, several innovative devices. A novelty in this sense is the presentation of Mozilla’s first tablet. Although not yet launched on the market, the tablet will be available for testing in Romania. This isn’t the only novelty, there must also be mentioned that, during the event, other intelligent devices will be available for testing, such are Google Glass, an ATM for the virtual currency Bitcoin, 3D printers and professional drones

Cristian Hossu,

Managing Partner Universum Events, organizer of IMWorld.

The participants to IMWorld 2014 will have the possibility to buy bitcoins as a special ATM will be present at the event and will allow people to change bitcoins for Romanian currency and the other way around.

Among the 3D printers to be exhibited at the event are Makerbot Replicator 2, Ultimaker 2, UP Plus, UP!Mini, an industrial 3D printer and innovative printing techniques, along with 2 models of 3Doodler.

3Doodler is the first pen that allows drawing in 3D, from plastic, any objects, as the one that uses it doesn’t need to have technical knowledge

Besides its tablet, Mozilla will also present at IMWorld the Smartphone Flame, a phone dedicated mainly to developers, but which can be also bought by consumers.

Other products available for testing are the newly launched smartphones from Lenovo and Withings Aura – an intelligent system for monitoring and improving sleep/

All the presented gadgets and tech novelties will be available for testing within IMWorld’s Future Corner.

IMWorld reunites top international speakers, consultants and developers of digital solutions, in 2 conference days and 7.000 meters of exhibitional space. The access for public is available on pre-registering, and the tickets are available with a 25% discount until September 24th and can be bought on event’s website .