Kinecto, Metro and Romanian young inventors, together to help pupils in the start of the school year

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Romanian digital agency Kinecto and Metro Cash  Carry, together with the Romanian young inventors Ionuț Budişteanu and Raul Oaida, launched “The race to success“, an online app for pupils that is helping them and their parents in the start of the new school year.

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The app is part of Metro’s “Prepare for school” campaign, promoting retailer’s catalog with articles dedicated to those attending school

Ionuț Budişteanu (21 y.o.), the winner of the grand prix Gordon E. Moore at”Intel International Science and Engineering Fair”, and Raul Oaida (20 y.o.), co-inventor of the 1st car build from Lego bricks and working with compressed air, are supporting young ones’ education and offer them the option to choose which car they enter the contest with: the driver-less car invented by Ionut or the Lego car invented by  Raul.

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Once they chose one of the cars, users must drive the car over a road where they find both bonuses and obstacles and need to finish the race successful. Three of those who pass the finish line will win, following a draw, one of the prizes offered by Metro: a tablet, a school backpack, a Lego-built rocket or a logo made by Ionut.

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In a period of time when so few people pass the bachalaureat exam, what motivation can we still offer to pupils so they would learn well/ We show to them how far others like them manage to  reach: Raul and Ionut are the proof that school is cool, that you can make extraordinary things while you are a upil. If you learn with pleasure, you can be like them; that is why Metro is offerin you both models and the best school supplies

Denisa Armasu,

Senior Copywriter Kinecto.

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