The Geeks and OLX are looking for 3 objects any Romanian could sell, in a new campaign

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The Geeks developed for OLX a new campaign, “Big Promotion”, under the umbrella of the concept “All Romanians have 3 objects to sell via OLX”. The campaign includes TV, radio and online and takes place between September 4th – October 3rd 2014.

Starting from the premise that all Romanians have in their households things they don’t need anymore, but that could bring them money, the company aimed to encourage the public to sell them using This way, all users that post 3 announcement on during the campaign period can win, following a draw, Euro 1,000 a day or a BMW series 3.

To communicate the campaign, The Geeks came up with a series of commercials in which the OLX team is visiting families from different areas of the country in order to identify objects within the households that could be put up for sale. The commercials are showing that, no mattter the family, the uniqueness of people or the tradition of the place they live in, there are always unused objects that can become a source of revenue.

The main success indicator on classifieds market is assuming leadership when it comes of the number of announcements that are up on the website. We realized there is a high potential among those that didn’t yet posted a classified ad but, many times a barrier appears when it comes of making an announcement and starts from a simple statement: No, I really can’t see what I could sell. Many times, people find it hard to imagine what they could sell, therefore the role of the campaign was to inspire them with examples. And that worked, because, after 2 weeks since the campaign started, OLX distanced clearly compared to its next competitor, having now an advantage of around 1M classifieds posted

Miruna Antonescu

Senior Creative Planner The Geeks

The team that worked on the campaign inclued:

  • The Geeks: Vlad Petre (Brand Communication Director), Andra Tivichi (Brand Communication Manager), Daniel Harmanescu (Copywriter), Maria Teodorof (Copywriter), Miruna Antonescu (Senior Creative Planner), David Teodorescu (Digital Project Manager), Ion Altieri Constantin (Designer), Stefan Bejan (Designer), Costin Radu (Managing Partner & Head of Creative Planning);
  • OLX: Alexandra Spirescu (Marketing Specialist), Razvan Acsente (Marketing executive), Cristina Gheorghitoiu (Business Manager).

Ads were produced with Studioset and directed by Matei Mocanu.