New member in Golden Drum’s New Europe Hall of Fame

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A new member joined Golden Drum’s New Europe Hall of Fame: Ulrich Proeschel, Vice-President Business Development, TBWA\Europe.

When he first came to Portorož and Golden Drum in the beginning of the third millennium, Ulrich felt in love with Festival as well as its idea and mission. He was the brilliant ambassador of Golden Drum long before he became the official one and he also was three times member of the Golden Drum jury.

Ulrich Proeschel is responsible for driving growth for TBWA and its clients by connecting talent, clients and prospects to create greater value. Based out of Berlin and Paris, he has recently worked with brands such as Heineken, KAYAK, McDonald’s and Deutsche Telekom. He joined TBWA in 2002.


Proeschel began his career with Mercedes-Benz. Next he joined Huth + Wenzel, working for clients such as Mercedes-Benz and Dresdner Bank. Prior to joining TBWA he worked as Director of Marketing and Communications for Razorfish, Germany.

During his time at TBWA he has become an ambassador for the agency’s core theory of Disruption.

Disruption turns the ‘we are hoping for growth’ attitude into an active ‘we create business’ process. It is a simple, intuitive idea that has delivered proven success over many years. I’m confident that the brands practising Disruption today are those that will be the most sustainable in the future.

Ulrich Proeschel

The members of Golden Drum – New Europe Hall of Fame are, as of October 2014:

Adrian Botan, Ivan Cimburov, Michael Conrad, Jan Mariusz Demner, Jiri Mikes, Milka Pogliani, Daniel Ruzicka, late Dragan Sakan, Juraj Vaculik, Vital Verlic, Darek Zatorski, Jarek Ziebinski, Jure Apih, Meta Dobnikar, Ami Hasan, Juli Nemes, Farid Chehab and Ulrich Proeschel.