John Adair will explain how to grow leaders to Romanian business community


John Adair, professor of leadership at Surrey University UK, will be present for the time in Romania and will be the main speaker for “How to Grow Leaders – Romania” conference. The event is scheduled to take place on November 20th at Novotel Hotel in Bucharest and is organized by Axioma Solutions.

Adair is author of Action Centred Leadership (ACL) model and initiator of the classes attended by now by over 1M managers all over the world.

During the conference in Bucharest, John Adair will speak about the process of selecting, growing and developing leaders, presenting his vision on leadership, on differences between leaders and managers and over the way leadership can be learned.

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John Adair revolutionized the perspective over leadership, showing it can be apprehended, with the inborn qualities being just the start point in growing leaders. Adair introduced the first Leadership class in the world at Surrey University UK in 1979 and he is also chief professor for Strategic Leadershi at the college for preparation of UN’s employees.

The conference in Bucharest will include 3 sessions of presentations about leadership and management. Adair will have a presentation and will participate to a Q&A session. Also, an ACL seminary will be held for an exclusive 15 participants. Also, a selected number of participants will be invited to attend a Private Lunch with John Adair.

All the participants at the conference will receive their own copy of “How to Grow Leaders”, published in Romanian together with Meteor Publishing printing house.

“How To Grow Leaders Romania”  targets mainly HR managers and directors, training and development managers, top managers in multinational and national companies and leaders of Romanian business community. The conference is initiated and organized by Axioma Solutions, a Bucharest training company with accreditation in ACL. Marian Stirbescu, Managing Partner Axioma and internationally accredited ACL trainer, will host the event.

John Adair in Romania is a project we started to work when we initiated the accreditation process for Action Centered Leadership model in 2012. And in november 2014, we managed to bring  John Adair, one of the most renown leadership thinkers who’s ideas contributed to founding modern management, for the first time in front of the Romanian public, of the HR community and in front of the leaders of the business community. The conference How To Grow Leaders Romania will be a reference event this autumn as John Adair will explore, along with event’s participants, to leadership’s DNA, in the essence of the fundamental truths about leadership and will ideas on how the leader quality can be achieved

Marian Stirbescu,

Managing Partner Axioma

The conference is organized by Axioma Solutions, Creative Core Evolution, ITOL, with support from Academy of Executive Coaching, Adair International-Action Centred Leadership, Centriqa, and with media partners like Cariere, Meteor Publishing and Bestjobs.