Romanian Republika becomes a communication agency with digital DNA

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Romanian social media agency Republika Interactive underwent a process of expansion and rebranding and became Republika – a communication agency with digital DNA. This way, the Romanian digital agency launches its own PR division, managed by  Zenovia Grama.

Republika offers to its clients integrated communication services, from digital marketing and PR to software development and interactive apps. Following the rebranding, the agency also adopted a new visual identity and has a new website.

Republika: Justin Kadima, Stefania Kadima, Zenovia Grama
Republika: Zenovia Grama, Stefania and Justin Kadima


Digital PR becomes one of the main development directions for us. We consider that we have the team, a clear unique selling proposition and a large series of advantages which allow us to perform to the level we desire. The expansion of the services represents a part of plan to extend our aria of competencies with the development and implementation of long term communication strategies. That is why the rebranding comes naturally, as a token of this change of vision

Justin Kadima,

Managing Partner Republika.


The PR division will have a 4 people team and will be managed by Zenovia Grama. Zenovia has 10 years of experience in communication and, until now, she developed and implemented communication strategies for clients like Forum Film, Baneasa Shopping City, Cine Grand, Agricola Bacau, Tuborg Romania, Halewood Romania, and also for international artists like Alexandra Stan, Emil Rengle or Viky Red.

PR industry is renown for its ability to transform in order to maintain the balance. The new PR campaigns include classical tactics along with massive digital content and social media strategies. What we aim at Republika is to offer to our clients ideas that can be implemented both online and offline, so that the consumer to interact easier with the brand

Zenovia Grama,

PR Director Republika.

With a team of 30 professionals, Republika is offering complete services of brand promotion, based on a vast experience and understanding of digital

An important part of agency’s new vision was shaped by the needs our partners have and by the opportunities offered by the daily interaction with the digital users. The PR services offered by Republika are based on a profound knowledge of the digital environment, of the monitoring methods and of the optimization of the online content, but also of the technical specifics each digital channel has. This mix helps us to become more valuable partners for the communication and marketing teams we work with and for those looking for an integrated strategical approach for their brand communication

Stefania Kadima,

Managing Partner Republika