MRM Worldwide Romania launched Winetunes campaign for Lidl

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MRM Worldwide Romania launched “LIDL Winetunes”, a campaign to promote the wine offer from Lidl stores and an offer available in retailers’ Romanian stores starting October.

Romanians like quality wine and Lidl’s wine offer is unique in Romania and includes wines from France, Spain, Portugal or Greece.

In order to help consumers to choose the perfect wine for a certain occasion or mood, MRM came with a proposal: Lidl helps consumers and choose for them the perfect wine, starting from their music preferences. For this purpose, the agency and the client developed a special website,

Consumers can access the website, upload an .mp3 or post an YouTube link with their favorite song or write the name of the song and Lidl comes up with a wine matching it. And, to make things more interesting, the consumers are greeted in real time by one of campaign’s endorsers: Andra, Virgil Iantu, Sore, CRBL and Adi Despot.

Nir 1_McCann Bucharest

We thank Lidl for allowing us to make an innovative campaign to promote their wine range. We are still in hangover from the QA stage of this one

Nir Refuah,

GM & Chief Innovation Officer MRM Romania.

The website will be online for a year, until October 2015.

MRM team that worked on the campaign included GM & Chief Innovation Officer MRM Romania: Nir Refuah; Client Service Director MRM Romania: Ionela Buta; Senior Art Director MRM Romania: Vlad Macarie; Art Director MRM Romania: Alina Nechita; Copywriter MRM Romania: Sandra Bold; Copywriter MRM Romania: Cristina Tatar; Senior Account Manager MRM Romania: Matei Goncea; Account Executive MRM Romania: Mihai Nistor.