SeniorHyper made an Oculus Rift activation for 5gum

Creativity, Digital & Media

Romanian digital agency SeniorHyper made an Oculus Rift activation for one of its clients, 5gum, using the VR device to offer the most complex integration between online and offline

5Gum underwent a product refresh, with both packaging and gum itself being improved. To mark that, SeniorHyper decided to refresh also brand’s digital communication and developed an installation to bring the action in a dedicated TVC to another level.

If the TV ad presents the main character surrounded by lightning, water and ice crystals, consumer’s experience with Oculus Rift brings him into main character’s shoes and VR allows him to experience the sensorial elements from the commercial.

Oculus Rift by SENIORHYPER

The installation was placed in Carrefour Colentina and Carrefour Colosseum stores, where general public can experience it.

Oculus Rift by SENIORHYPER

I think the first time when we all saw the new TVC for 5gum we thought how would be to go up through the glass tunnel towards the huge portal placed above. So…we built the portal, we linked it to Oculus Rift, we place a fan on top and linked it to a computer creating the lifting sensation and we enjoyed it. It wasn’t that simple to let others enjoy that too…

Vasile Alboiu,

Creative Director SeniorHyper

Teams working on the campaign

  • Wrigley: Adela Avram (Marketing Manager), Catalin Zlat (In Store Activation Manager, Modern Trade) and Mihaela Militaru (Trade Marketing Manager).
  • SeniorHyper: Vasile Alboiu (Creative Director), Alin Mărghidanu (Group Creative Director), Miruna Dumitrescu (Copywriter), Anca Masek (Art Director), Veronica Ciacoveanu (Senior Account Manager), Alexandra Cîrciu ( Account Executive), Mihai Ungureanu (IT Specialist), Andrei Băiasiu (Project Manager), Teo Onicel (Action Script & 3D Developer), Ștefan Zibileanu (Software Developer) and Ionuț Ciubotariu (Director of Operations).