Music in the spotlight, in Starcom MediaVest Group’s 17th HumanGraphExperience  infographic

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Starcom MediaVest launched the 17th infographic in its HumanGraphExperience series, entitled “Music Personalities”, using data from Romanian Natonal Audience Study related to the entire Romanian urban population. It aims to understand the consumption habits of those who prefer certain musical genders and of Romanians who attend frequently music concerts

Listening music developed and diversified as activity during the last few years and, in present, the access to music is multi-channel: TVs, dedicated music shows, devices like computers, tablets or mobiles.

Romanians love to go to concerts, both to free and paid ones, with half millions attending this type of events during the last quarter. 81% paid to have access to a rock/pop concert, 33% for classical music concerts, and 20% for jazz. More than half (54%) of those who attend this kind of events also participated to free access concerts.

Most Romanians are listening pop, hits, rock, club music, latino, classical music and manele. Most loved musical genders in Romania are, according to the infographic, pop/disco, followed by hits and music from ´80s-´90s, latino, classical music and ambient music.

The music is listen now anywhere, on TV, on mobile, on computer or on the radio.

Women around 45 y.o. listen mostly hits and music from `80s – `90s and do so mainly in a traditional way, on TV or on radio. They are also the ones least likely to attend concerts or events.

Rock is preferred by men aged 36 y.o on average, living in medium or big cities and with income higher than the average. Their access to music is mainly from mobile or online

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