Romanian Marks developed for Genpact the most advanced recruiting platform in Romania

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Marks launched YouYourself, a platform created for Genpact, the biggest international provider of services in Romania for global clients.

Through the platform and the dedicated Android and Apple mobile apps, Genpact wants to attract both young people at the beginning of their careers, but also people with professional experience in certain domains which want to make a career in a multinational company.

In developing the platform, Marks incorporated all the relevant HR and recruiting trends: Romanian candidates can upload video presentation materials, they can connect on the platform with their social media accounts, can gather admiration points if they are active in social media or if they show interest towards the editorial and educational materials on the platform.

Iulian Padurariu

Marks always wanted to offer to its clients solutions beyond the glamorous world of classic advertising. We don’t sell advertising services, we search for efficient solutions. Thanks to Genpact Romania’s team, we managed to create the most advanced product on the market until now, adding ingredients we are promoting for a few good years, like gamification or techniques to increase involvement and community management. There aren’t many clients to have Genpact’s vision and, as a result, Marks team was extremely enthusiast. We spent our summer writing code and creative concepts for the promotional campaign

Iulian Padurariu,

Managing Partner Marks.


We launched a real challenge to Marks team, the challenge to reinvent the way we, Genpact, are addressing all those that, beyond their job, are looking for an alternative and superior communication mean in the potential relation employer – employee. Marks understood what we wished for and came with a new concept which transformed in You, Yourself platform

Daniel Bratu,

Vice President Operations Support, Genpact Europe.

Marks team managing the project was coordinated by Demis Ghindeanu – Managing Partner Marks. The programming duties were fulfilled by Radu Cioran – lead programmer and Corina Delea – Project Manager, while the communication campaign was made by Andra Bria – copywriter and Raluca Ionescu – art direction.