Rusu+Borțun reinvents the small and medium enterprises segment for  ING Bank

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Romanian agency Rusu+Borțun Brand Growers created the identity for ING Bank’s service dedicated to small and medium enterprises (IMM) and the first communication campaign for it.

ING IMMM - Cofetar

The challenge and the need of an own identity came from the fact that, differently from the retail and corporate services from ING Bank, the IMM services were less known to the large public. Moreover, ING Bank wanted to translate its own values in report with the IMMs, such are transparency, professionalism and the mobility with the performance of e-banking services

ING IMMM - Croitor

We entered later on IMM market and our main concern was to understand very well which are the needs and which are the habits of the players in this category. Now, we want to communicate to the potential clients the fact that our experience accumulated while working with big companies (…) can benefit to small and medium businesses

Nicoleta Papa

Head Of Mid Corporate ClientsING Bank.

ING IMMM - Tamplar

 To express as clear as possible the spirit that defines the businesses targeted by ING Bank’s services, we redefined the category and started from the name: ING for Small, Medium and Motivated Enterprises (IMMM). The “motivated” term surprises perfectly the structure of those businesses. We extended that also in the logo and, further, in the first campaign for ING IMMM, where we chose to make the public acquintant exactly with this motivated entrepreneurs

Mihaela Neațu

Senior Creative, Rusu+Borțun Brand Growers

ING - Cofetar

The communication campaign for the new identity aims to renew the perception the market has over bank’s services. It centers on a series of visuals that present examples of small, medium and, in the same time, motivated businesses which are in ING Bank’s portfolio.

When we entered this category, we realized that there’s no consensus on the banking market when it comes of what really represents an IMM. Categorizing in terms of business turnover and number of employees is, from our point of view, only partially relevant. Even if it seems a normal inspirational effort, the growth of a business isn’t necessarily the condition that makes a business interesting. More important, in our opinion, is the motivation of the people behind these businesses, especially as, in many cases, entrepreneurs are identifying themselves with what they do. So no, you don’t have to be big to work with ING Bank. It is enough to wish to grow healthy

Ovidiu Slavoiu

Marketing Manager Mid Corporate Banking, ING Bank

ING - Croitor

The campaign runs in print, online (banners, website) and POS

The teams working on the campaign included

  • Rusu+Borțun Brand Growers: Maria Sarivan (Brand Growing Manager), Cătălin Rusu (Managing Partner & Creative Director), Mihaela Neațu (Senior Creative), Marc Borțun (Creative Partner),
  • Rusu+Bortun Cyber Growers: Gabriel Kirmaier (Web Designer) si Adrian Radu (Senior Web Developer);
  • ING Bank: Nicoleta Papa (Director Mid Corporate Banking Clients), Iosefina Frolu (Head of Corporate Communication), Corina Dima (Marketing Officer), Ionut Encescu (Manager SME), Cosmin Ion (Business Development Manager SME) and Ovidiu Slavoiu (Marketing Manager Mid Corporate Banking).
  • D-Studio: Ducu Ion (Producător), Dragoș Bocanea (Fotograf), Raluca Băraru (Ilustration & Retouching), Laszlo Forray (Scenografie).

ING - Tamplar