Frank Digital and Frank Social challenged Romanians to discover the right recipe for  Aperol Spritz

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Romanian Frank Digital and Frank Social challenged Romanians to discover the 3 key elements and their exact quantities to correctly prepare Aperol Spritz, through an online marketing campaign entitled “3-2-1 Start”.

One of the challenges of the campaign was the fact that Aperol, although a social brand very appreciated in other countries, mainly in Italy, wasn’t very known in Romania. Same was available for the way of serving this drink



As an answer to the launched challenges, the campaign started from “3-2-1 Start” slogan and mainly aimed to involve consumers in discovering the ideal quantities to correctly serve Aperol Spritz. Frank Social developed an app on Aperol Spritz official Facebook page, in which the consumers had to name the correct parts making up a perfect Aperol Spritz cocktail. In the same time, a Map of Aperol Spritz locations was launched, brands’ fan having this way the opportunity to know the closest place where they can serve the drink, but also all 38 locations in Bucharest and all over Romania where the drink is available.

The campaign was completed with a video component signed by Frank Digital, which included three videos, promoted via Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads.

The online marketing campaign for Aperol Spritz reached to over 1.2M people and generated over 3M views in 3 weeks. In the same time, due to the campaign, the brand managed to expand its targeted public.


As Google has a pretty restrictive policy related to promoting alcoholic brands, we managed to increase in a significant manner both brands’ visibility and to help expanding the targeted public, which was our campaigns’ secondary objective

Ciprian Susanu,

Head of Digital Frank Group.

Frank Digital and Frank Social teams working on the campaign included Ciprian Susanu – Head of Digital, Iulia Bordeianu – Digital Account Manager, Oana Grasu – Social Media Account Manger and Florin Oprea – Senior Web Developer.

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