MCCANNPR Romania Rebrands with Storience

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Storience helped MCCANNPR Romania, leading PR agency on Romanian market, to rebrand in order to highlight its new, content-centric business model. The process included the development of a new brand strategy, a brand slogan and a new visual identity that is being rolled out in various materials starting today.

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MCCANNPR Romania‘s new brand slogan – “Foresight. Insight. Excite”effectively summarizes the new brand strategy, and the new logo adds a strong visual demonstration to it. An initial 1C\N doubles itself and unfolds into a custom-set MCCANN, to be swiftly completed by PR. Thus, apparently nonsensical information starts making sense and telling a story right under the viewer’s eyes. Storience also created the agency’s new website and stationery, so MCCANNPR Romania’s dynamic digital logotype also jumps out into the physical world, to live as embossed or cut out versions in printed material.


To Storience, this rebranding has been a unique opportunity to transform the identity of a global brand with a local presence. The graphic solution we identified cannot be replicated by any other brand, as it very tightly fits the agency name. Unfolding the 1C\N symbol into MCCANN speaks about creating meaning through original content by a dynamic and creative agency

Adriana Liute

Managing Partner at Storience.


As we turn a decade old, the new brand identity fits our personality very well. We want to thank Storience for a rebranding process that has been both fun and instructive

Imola Zoltan,

Co-founder & Managing Director, MCCANNPR Romania.


The project team:

  • Brand strategy and slogan: Stefan Liute, Adriana Liute, Sabina Fratila
  • Identity design: Vlad Sulea
  • Web design: Alexandru Gugurel
  • Web development: Doru Sana

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