Italian Mengotti Group communicates in Romania with Amalia Nastase and Amalia Nastase Communications 

Business, PR

Amalia Nastase Communications will communicate on Romanian market for the Italian group Mengotti and will handle specific PR and media relations activities, but also activities related to event managament and brand reputation management for group’s brands. The partnership is part of a strategic process the fashion group runs to grow its relation with clients, partners and media from Romania

Amalia Nastase and the agency she is leading as Managing Partner are the most important players in communication for luxury and high-fashion brands in Romania. The experience and success in communicating for big names from industry’s top recommends her as a key pilon for increasing out group’s reputation on the market. We are certain that, together with Amalia Nastase, we will manage to raise Mengotti brand in Romania to the high degree of recognition for all famous fashion brands that had the pleasure of working with her and her agency. The partnership is a pleasure and an opportunity for me, for our companies and for our collaboration

Adriano Mengotti,

Owner of Mengotti stores chain in Romania


The partnership with Mengotti is a honor for us: on one side, because it confirms and celebrates our experience in luxury and fashion communication and, on the other side, because it reflects agency’s tradition when it comes of exclusivist services for prestigious brands. We are trustful that, together with Mengotti Romania, we will write a new successful reputation story to honor the tradition of the Italian group both in our country and its country of origin

Amalia Nastase,

Managing Partner Amalia Nastase Communications.

Amalia Nastase Communications is a Romanian agency dedicated to PR and communication services offering complete solutions of Brand Reputation Management. It has in portfolio luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Moet Chandon, Burberry, Dior, Dom Pérignon, Hennessy, BMW (Automobile Bavaria), Veuve Clicquot and Givenchy.