Black Friday record: RON 40M sales through Profitshare

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Black Friday sales announced by the online stores generated, in 72 hours, around RON 40M sales for partner stores via Profitshare.

Mid-October, Profitshare was setting up Affiliates Olympics, a contest meant to mobilize the collaborators and motivate them to adopt the promo strategies in order to achieve the sales estimates during the 2 weeks around Black Friday. Surprisingly, the most optimistic expectations were surpassed from the first day and the records in affiliates’ results kept on surpassing each other.

This year, in Romania, Black Friday’s start was on November 21st and 130 stores affiliated to Profitshare participated.


With this occasion, Profitshare reconfirmed its leadership position and its results for the first 3 days of sales were as it follows::

  • close to RON 40M in sales for partner shops (almost three times more compared to 2013),
  • 717.946 clicks delivered
  • 318 orders for advertisers (more than 3 times compared to last year),
  • 798 affiliates won affiliation commissions
  • 616 orders were sent simultaneously by clients on November 21st at 07.02 (Golden Minute),
  • 55 orders per minute in the 1st sales day
  • 51 affiliates that earned over RON 1,000 in a first day (November 21st, 1st Black Friday day in Romania),
  • 23 affiliates with less than 1.000 sales in a day (November 21st, 1st Black Friday day in Romania)
  • RON 20,967 – the most valuable order in the network

In the top of preferences, buyers mainly preferred gadgets, electronics, accessories, clothes and shoes, books and beauty products.

To promote the sales, Profitshare’s affiliates chose content websites, social networks and paid campaigns like Google AdWords.


A few months ago, when we started drafting the plans for Black Friday, we put on paper, like in any business, some estimates related to the event, starting from last year’s numbers. We learned from 2013’s experience and we worked both to preparing the platform from technical point of view but also in what concerns finding a motivating factor for the involved players: affiliates and advertisers. Nothing we estimated managed to prepare us for the numbers we were to see in the first days of sales for this Black Friday. The network brought almost triple sales compared to last year and, for 2015, we have even more ambitious plans. We are decided to continue to attract new records for Romanian affiliate marketin and to bring this success also on other markets

Marius Pahomi,

General Manager Conversion, owner of Profitshare.

Profitshare is a Romanian affiliate marketing platform. Together with, one of the main emailing and loyalization solutions provider, the platform is owned by Conversion, the biggest performance marketing agency in Romania.