“Romania, a 10 grade country” – a new campaign signed by GMP Advertising for OMV Petrom

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GMP Advertising launched a new image campaign for OMV Petrom, “Romania, a 10 grade country”, underlining the idea that performance is a state everyone should aim for in order to achieve remarkable results.

Mihai Gongu - Creative Director GMP Advertising

OMV Petrom is the brand that believes in the power of performance to inspire and transform. In this new campaign, we tried to tell the story of the people that see the number of performance in everything they do. From the oil specialists on the platform in the Black Sea to the athletes training for the next Olympic Games. Because the first step towards a 10 grade country is for each of us to want to make things deserving 10.

Mihai Gongu,

Creative Director GMP Advertising.

The campaign was built around number 10, that recognizes performance, being, in the same time, a symbol for OMV Petrom’s results/

The performances achieved until now represent the basis we are building forward. We wish to inspire as many people as possible so they would wish a 10 grade attitude

Iliana Stănculeț,

Corporate Brand Manager, Communications & Sustainability Department OMV Petrom.

The ad and the promotional materials are associating OMV Petrom’s results with Romania’s evolution, with 10 being used as lait-motif. The campaign takes place between November 24th to January 20th and will be declined on TV, print and online