Romanian interior design market raises due to middle class development, Bucharest – main source of projects for specialized companies

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Interior design is a segment which wasn’t direly affected by the economical crisis and it even developed during the last 2 years, as a consequence of the rebound registered by the middle class, as concluded by Marius Decusara, general manager Signature M, Romanian creative boutique offering complete services of interior set up and design.

Marius Decusara

When it comes of interior design, the crisis was less felt. During the last 2 years, we were able to notice an increase of the demand for interior design on the luxury segment and a rebound of the middle class, with requests to arrange 2-3 rooms apartments. Since this year’s starts, we noticed a rebound of the real estate sector on the market and, as a consequence, an increase of the interior design segment

Marius Decusara.

The trend reflected in the number of projects managed by the company and in its turnover, with Signature M being responsible for 10-13 medium and big projects a year.

When it comes of turnover, we can say we had a significant increase of 35% during the last 2 years. At this moment, the company has 5 employees. Next year we are going to probably expand our team with another 2 new colleagues. We are a young team and we are trying to treat each project with enthusiasm, considering the age average is 28-29 years old

Marius Decusara

The firstproject made by Decusara and Signature M was a vila for a Romanian media group’s executive.

Apartament Bucuresti

We started together from the idea of refreshing a little the house and we got to rearrange it almost entirely, in a classical style, changing almost everything – furniture, walls, drapes and so on. But what was the most beautiful with this project was beneficiary’s attitude and enthusiasm, as they got involved with us in the smallest details of the house. The value of the investment was of Euro 60-70,000


According to the architect, Bucharest is, without doubts, the most competitive market in Romania.

In Bucharest and in the neighboring localities, we have 80% of the projects. Slowly, we start being contacted also by clients from Pitesti, Cluj, Sinaia, Timisoara, Iasi or Craiova, but also by international clients. Recently, we receive a quotation request for making a hotel in Lyon (France)

Marius Decusara

Signature M started from the desire to make happy both personal clients and the architects who want to find in one place all they need to implement their projects.

Before starting Signature M, Marius underwent a stage within an architecture firm, that took over all architecture and design part from the firm where he worked before starting on his own path.

Marius is 30 and graduated “Ion Mincu” Architecture and Urbanism University in Bucharest, with specialization in interior design. The first project he worked on was an investment of Euro 60-70,000.

When it comes of Signature M, the business increased 35% during the last 2 years and has 5 employees