Alina Imbrea – appointed Marketing Director Snacks  Greater Balkans at PepsiCo

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PepsiCo operated changes in its marketing team for Snacks division and appointed Alina Imbrea, until now Senior Marketing Manager Snacks PepsiCo East Balkans, in the position of Marketing Director Snacks, PepsiCo Greater Balkans. The change comes as the company implemented a new operational system in Eastern Europes, which implies aligning Greater Balkans with the organization of the regional category.

On her new position, Alina Imbrea will be in charge with synchronized management of consumer brand activities and Trade Marketing activity for Snacks category on 14 different markets that have, together, circa 75M consumers.

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Alina will also make sure that integrated marketing programs are running according to the plan and will develop new synergies in Balkans markets.

Imbrea reports functionally to Snacks’ General Manager for Eastern Europe and operationally to the  General Manager of Greater Balkans region, Levent Yuksel.

In terms of geographical responsibility, she will lead the marketing activities in Eastern Balkans (Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova), Western Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, FYROM, Kosovo, Montenegro), Greece and Cyprus and will monitor functionally the marketing activity of Snacks division in Israel

Alina contributed significantly to the strong and durable performance of our snacks portfolio in Eastern Balkans, developing a series of new success products and of activation programs which involved consumers to a superior level. Her appointment in the new position aims to create a more specialized, consequent and integrated structure within PepsiCo Europe, and we believe Alina’s experience and profound understanding of consumption dynamics, tpgether with her ambition in achieving very good results will bring new successes to our snacks division in Greater Balkans

Levent Yuksel,

Vice President General Manager, PepsiCo Greater Balkans & South Eastern Europe Region Franchise

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I am happy to take over my new role within PepsiCo’s Snacks division, it is an extraordinary opportunity for me and also a big challenge to coordinate the marketing activities in an extended region, with 14 countries and 75M consumers. Together with PepsiCo teams on Balkans markets, I am convinced we can raise Snacks category and develop innovative marketing products and activities for consumers, by reuniting our different experiences and perspectives

Alina Imbrea,

Marketing Director Snacks, PepsiCo Greater Balkans.

Imbrea joined PepsiCo in 2009, as Marketing Manager Snacks East Balkans. With over 15 years of experience in marketing, she coordinated successfully the development and implementation strategies for PepsiCo’s snacks products (Lay`s, Star, Krax, Doritos and Ruffles). Previous to PepsiCo, Alina built a strong experience in FMCG marketing, consolidating her know how from positions like Trade Marketing Manager, Brand Marketing Manager, Senior Brand Manager and Brand Manager.