A ballerina and a rally pilot – protagonists in a new Garanti Bank campaign in Romania

Ads, Creativity

Garanti Bank launched, in Romania, a new campaign – “A full life with Bonus Card” – which has as protagonists Monica Petrica, prim-ballerina at Romanian Opera, and Andrei Mitrasca – rally pilot.

Each new thing comes with a story. The nicest one is the one you get to live yourself. Here is where Bonus Card comes, transforming stories into reality and, with this purpose, we built a new campaign for our clients

Anca Motca

Deputy General Manager Garanti Bank.

The integrated communication campaign Bonus Card was made for the client by Oxygen, runs from November 3rd to December 31st and is present on TV, radio, outdoor, online and in social media, but also in Inmedio stores network.