Study: Urban Romanians plan their budgets for Christmas and New Year’s meals

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A market study made by Mednet Marketing Research Center shows that urban Romanians are planning the budget for Christmas and New Year’s meals and reveled that it is the same like last year, of over RON 1500 (@Euro 340)

In the same context, if 2013 saw an increase of the budget of close to RON 300 compared to December 2012, there are no significant differences to indicate an increase in consumption.

35.4% urban Romanians that participated to the study intend to spend for Christmas and New Year’s dinners under RON 1000, while 26.4% are leaning more towards the medium budget of RON 1500.

The same constant applies also to food expenses (meat, cake, still drinks, fruits and so on), with the average amount going their way being of  RON 602,21. When it comes of non-food products specific to winter holidays, the expenses decreased slightly, from RON 498.6 to RON 467.6.

From those who answered the study, a fifth (little over 20%) wish to buy specific food products for Christmas or New Year’s but they cannot afford that due to financial limitations. Such products are turkey or beef meat, fish, fine cheese or more expensive sparkling wine.

When it comes of travels and trips made during winter holidays, it is noticeable an increase in numbers of urban people who will leave for holidays, coupled with a decrease of the average amount spent for that, from RON 1,524 last year to RON 1,149.31 this year. Also, when it comes of going out or dinning at a restaurant, the budget remains the same like last year, RON 373.

90% Romanians will offer presents to the loved ones, mainly clothes and shoes, toys and cosmetics/perfumes. The average amount for presents is of RON 470, slightly up compared to last year

This year, urban Romanians will have an artificial Christmas tree and 91% will spend New Year’s at the countryside