Manly presents for men, a challenge from FCB Bucharest and Nivea Men and the first Romanian commercial gif. campaign

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FCB Bucharest launched, for the first time in Romania, a gif. executions campaign aiming to promote a brand. “Men and uninspired presents” aims to bring in consumers’ attention the winter presents dedicated to men and specially created by Nivea Men.

The creative concept of the campaign came from the insight that it is a real challenge to offer men manly presents they would really enjoy and use. When they face this situation, men became creative and find sometimes a hilarious use for the uninspired present.

Through this campaign, FCB Bucharest presents a series of amusing situations men find themselves after receiving an uninspired present, with the executions transformed afterwards in gif. ones

Gif.-s are entertainment pills with compressed humor. For digital, gif.s are like one-liners in stand-up comedy. Easy to distribute, easy to share and, not the last, easy to make. Moreover, nobody in Romania did a gif. campaign before and, from what I’ve seen until now, people received them very well

Claudiu Dobrita,

Creative Director FCB Bucharest.

The campaign is promoting the holiday packages for men from Nivea Men as the best idea of present for a man. The campaign is active until Christmas, online, on the most popular men-oriented websites in Romania, on TV, on Facebook and on YouTube

The entire series of gif.-s is available on


  • FCB Bucharest: Claudiu Dobrita – Creative Director, Alex Hariga – Head of Digital, Olivia Spanu – Copywriter, Loreta Isac – Art Director, Rares Gall – Junior Copywriter, Serban Chitu – Digital Art Director, Ana Maria Oila – Client Service Director, Miruna Macsoda – Group Account Manager, Alexandra Albu – Account Executive.
  • Beiersdorf România: Daniela Craciun – Local Digital Manager, Carmen Cosoi – Brand Manager NIVEA MEN, Alina Radu – Marketing Director.
  • With support and in collaboration with: Ionut Florin Negrila – direction and post-production, Republika Interactive – implementation, MEC Global – media.