Adventures from Transylvania Creative Fest

Creativity, People

My eyes in her eyes. I grabbed it because it had only been falling for 10 centimeters. The second key, the one to  open my locked room that couldn’t find a worse moment to refuse me, after having spent a tiring day working on the brief together with my colleagues from team 1c, Mike and Cynthia, whom I didn’t meet in the first day of the festival because I was watching penguins, alone, in P-City. The festival was held in B-City. Why was I watching penguins, alone, in P-City? There was nobody else in the cinema other than Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private – “The Penguins”, which is the sequel of “Madagascar III”, of “Madagascar II”, of “Madagascar I”.

Why was I watching the sequel, of the sequel, of the sequel of? Because just before I had drunk 250 milliliters of peach juice from the cinema cafeteria. Why? 250 milliliters of peach juice taste well after you infuse 250 milliliters of glucose, within the emergency-room in P-City’s Hospital. In what? In the bed for which I had to wait for too many minutes in the lobby. The bed, the item I avoided for too many nights before, working.

Sleeplessness, lobby, bed, 250 milliliters, Madagascar III, II, I, festival, brief, tired, my room, locked!

I descend the stairs of the cozy old school hotel to ask for the second key. „Fine, I’ll give you the one of the maid from the warehouse”. „The maid is in the warehouse?”. „No, the maid’s key.”. „Fine”. „Here it is, but beware of it, there’s no other one.” The lady receptionist hands me the key. I stretch my hand. Below us, bars. Below bars, hole. Between us, mismatch.

My eyes in her eyes. The moment was so intense that the “B” of B-City’s name sitting hollywoodian on Mount „T” made a sudden twist in our direction, to see if the key felt. In fact, I wasn’t all alone in the cinema, there was also a couple, but he, not she, felt asleep in the middle of “The Penguins”, the sequel of “Madagascar III”, of “Madagascar II”, of… The key didn’t fall. I mean it did, but I grabbed it after 10 centimeters. My eyes in her eyes. Her eyes in my eyes. My eyes. Her eyes. Eyes. Mine. Hers. Mine. Hers. We said nothing more. “Good night”. “Good night”. I went up to my room, the hollywoodian “B” went back to its original position, my roommate, the first key holder, came back as well.

I hear a rooster. I turn on the other side. The rooster continues. I turn on the other side. The rooster insists. I open my eyes, I stop the alarm. It’s 5:45 AM. I turn on the other side. At 6:15 AM I have to be at Mike’s place to finish the brief together with Cynthia. The brief is to be send before 8:00 AM. Damn it, I clench my jaw, I tear myself apart and make the effort. I turn on the other side. I finally manage to get up. The next three minutes shall find me in the taxi! After seven minutes, I make the phone call: I need a taxi, please. It comes, it leaves. I make the phone call again: I need another taxi, please. It comes, we leave. I’m in front of Mike’s apartment building block. I go behind to knock in his window, as we established not to bother anyone with the sound of the interphone. He lives on the ground-floor. If it had been for me, I would have used the interphone without caring about the neighbors, but I learned then that B-City’s citizens are on a whole new level. A superior one. With the ground-floor, I mean, they are on a whole new level with the ground-floor, for there were  three meters from the top of my head to Mike’s window, more meters than the number of hours I slept. I looked for something to throw. I could use the cap of the water bottle in my hand. Since when I had a water bottle in my hand? I throw. I hit. I wait. Nothing. I wait. Nothing. I’m in. We brief. We complete. We beat the deadline.

So, the last day of the festival is about to begin. In the auditorium everyone is preparing for the presentations, emotions, jury, reporters, interviews, cookies, effervescence, applause, flashes, flashes! I myself, am in my room and cannot decide if either to choose the pajamas or to sleep directly in jeans. Obviously I’ll miss the first presentations because I cannot continue without sleeping, but no problem, I’ll be there before lunch. I guess I chose the pajamas and slept in jeans, because that’s how I woke up at 7:00 PM. Dizzy and upset, I quickly looked over the schedule and calmed down. The festival was to end at 7:15 PM. Do you realize how would I have felt, if after loosing the first day of the festival, I would have lost the last one too?

Material written by Lucian Talpes