GfK Study: For Romanians, healthy lifestyle means mainly healthy food

Consumption Habits, Studies

GfK analyzed the main activities that contribute the most to a healthy lifestyle in Romanians’ opinion. Top mentions went to consumption of fruits and vegetables or fresh unprocessed food, along with regular work-outs.

Seven out of ten Romanians are identifying the healthy lifestyle with fruits and veggies consumption and almost half do the same with natural unprocessed food. When it comes of healthy food, women are appreciating it more than men and almost three quarters of them say it is important to eat fruits and vegetables, compared with only two thirds of men who believe the same. Also, 52% Romanian women consider it is beneficial to eat fresh food, compared to 46% men.

According to a similar study made by GfK at global level (23 countries), Romanians are aligning to global trends in healthy lifestyle when it comes of sport and healthy food, but don’t appreciate sleep as much as the rest of the world (66% global vs 37% local)

The Romanian version of the study was made on a sample of 1000 people, aged over 15, during face to face interviews