Facebook in Romania – 7.6M Romanians use it in 2015

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The presence of Romanians on Facebook continued to grow and reached to 7.6M in 2015 from 7M in the start of last year and up 8.57% compared to 2013. The number of Romanian Facebook pages also went up, from 23.755 to 26.785, a plus of 12,75% compared to the previous year. The data is provided by Facebrands.ro and Facebrands PRO, services of monitoring and analysis of Facebook activity in Romania.

During the last four years, the number of Romanians on Facebook continued to grow, from 2.4M users in the start of 2011 to 7.6M now. The highest growth was in 2012, when the number of Romanians on Facebook almost doubled, reaching to 4.4M, up 83% compared to 2011.

Among the Romanian Facebook users, 6.739.140 (88.67%) have their town mentioned in the profile. Romanian capital has the most Facebook users in Romania (21,97% of the total), followed by Cluj Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara, and Constanta (with over 200,000 users each) and  Craiova, Brasov, Galati, Ploiesti, Oradea, Arad, Bacau, Pitesti and Sibiu (over 100,000)

The number of Romanian pages created on Facebook also grew, up 12.75% compared to 2014, to 26.785.

Most Romanian pages on Facebook are from sectors like local businesses (2,880), art & culture (1,672), health & personal care (1,495), online stores (1,487), musicians and bands (1,319) and blogs (1,159).

Facebrands.ro is a monitoring service for Romanian pages created on Facebook, launched in the start of 2010 by StandOut and Byte Flux. Facebrands.ro provides both data on users activity on Facebook, but also on the evolution and the activity of the Romanian pages on the platform.