Chèque Déjeuner changes its identity, becomes Up Group

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Starting mid-January, Group Chèque Déjeuner changes its identity and becomes Up Group. The new identity is consistent with changes within the group, which has grown from a product-based company to a global services corporation.

This new name, accompanied by a full graphic identity redesign, conveys the idea of new perspectives and is
emblematic of an ambitious strategic plan.

Catherine Coupet - President & CEO Up

This new name faithfully reflects the values and personality of our Group, highlighting the richness and diversity of our offer, while also underlining its international dimension. Up Group was an obvious choice, a name conveying progress, drive and optimism.

Catherine Coupet,

President & CEO Up group.

The group is present today in the daily lives of over 26M people in the world, with hundreds of brands, products and services. Its solutions are in sync with current technological advances and new uses. Given these developments, the name “Group Chèque Déjeuner” was no longer suited to the scope of its activities and the company decided to adopt, in 2015, an identity that embodies its future and gives it new impetus by highlighting its ambitions.


The new identity reflects this global dimension: the name Up, rising higher, is universal, and can be understood by everyone. The new logo will be capitalizing on the historic identifying codes, by keeping its orange color, its square shape and the typograp modernity.

The group has also a new management, with Catherine Coupet, 49, taking over, last October, from Jacques Landriot the position of President and CEO.

Up group is a solid and independent international group that belongs to its employees. The company offers
products and services through vouchers, cards or mobile applications.  It is part of the daily life of over 26M people in the world. It has 2,300 employees and it’s present in 14 countries.