Lorand Boti Balint to handle Romanian Handball Federation’s marketing


Romanian Handball Federation (FRH) created its own marketing department, with the purpose to reconnect Romanian handball with the general public, partners and sponsors, so this sport can become again Romanians’ national team sport.

Federation’s marketing department ill be headed by Lorand Boti Balint, who assumes the position of Marketing Director, remaining, in the same time, Managing Director at Leo Burnett Group Romania.

Marketing is a necessity for the actual sport. It is critical now to have a Marketing Department because, without it, the sport, no matter which, doesn’t have a future. It is a tough affirmation, but I do believe in it strongly. The most successful examples are from over the Ocean, where the 3 sports (basket, baseball and hockey) are mass phenomena, due to marketing. Speaking of handball, the same thing happens also at worldwide and European level of structures (IHF, EHF), but also at the level of national federations, where handball is very powerful. I am happy Boți joined us, because he is a real professional and, more than that, he loves handball, a sport he practiced in his childhood. Welcome to the Marketing Department, welcome Boti!

Alexandru Dedu

President FRH.

I like handball and I strongly believe it is one of the things Romania can take pride in. I decided to get involved directly in federation’s activity, in parallel with the role within Leo Burnett Group, because we share the same vision over the future of handball in Romania and because I do trust federation’s team has the force and determination to bring it to life. If we look at what was done during the last years, we see a series of efforts at local level, where it was attempted a revitalization of the phenomena, but there were only punctual efforts, disparate ones and, most of the times, on short term.

The role of FRH’s marketing team will be to complete these efforts, to amplify them and to focus them, giving them a national coherence. To be close to people, to think and implement marketing programs to revive handball for the entire nation. Our dream is for every Romanian to be proud with the Romanian handball and we will do everything possible to make this happen

Lorand (Boți) Balint