IKEA of Sweden AB to turn children’s drawings into plush toys

Innovation, Marketing

Ikea of Sweden AB will turn 10 drawings, including one from a Romanian kid, into a plush toy, after a contest organized globally which designated its 10 winners. The contest was part of Plush Toys for Education campaign 2014. All the 10 drawings will be transformed by Ikea’s designers into a limited edition of plush toys, to be sold in Ikea stores all over the world starting November.

The countries from where the winning drawings come are Norway, Belgium, Canary Islands, Malaysia, UK, Croatia, Cyprus, Netherlands, Romania and  Taiwan. Besides the bat, the drawings include a caterpillar-tiger, a skunk called Stinky, fierce dinosaurs, a blue stain with one eye and others.


We chose 10 winning creations from the thousands of drawings made happily by the kids. The final drawings are fantastic and unique figures, showing anything is possible in children’s imagination. Plush toys will be amusing, funny and surprising products, with strong personality. We grew to love those characters and I am sure they will be very popular also among clients (…)

We think we know why the little bat looks so surprised: it is the only one in the world that can fly with the wings upside down

Maria Thörn,

Range Manager Children’s IKEA.