AMPRO Design in 2014: 11 new brands in portfolio and 4 international awards

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Romanian brand and packaging design agency AMPRO Design closed last year with seven new clients, a portfolio to which it added 11 new brands. Also, the agency received 4 international awards, the total number of distinctions won at international branding and packaging design competitions reaching to 34.

Irinel Ionescu, AMPRO Design

2014 was a crazy year (…) In January 2014 we ceased working with a big client which generated a big part of our business. It wasn’t pleasant, but it was a kick in the ass which mobilized us on the new business direction and, this way, we won 7 new clients from pharma, processed meat, water and food oil sectors. Our main reason of satisfaction was that, to those, we added 2 other clients from outside Romania

Irinel Ionescu,

Creative Partner AMPRO Design.

In 2015, Irinel Ionescu expects a slight increase of the business turnover, as a consequence of the new projects generated by the 7 new clients.

Founded in 2005, AMPRO Design is one of the most awarded Romanian brand and packaging design agencies. It has a portfolio which includes clients like Nestle Romania, Penny Market, Penny International, Penny Cehia, Penny Italia, Danone PDPA, Auchan Romania, Hochland Romania, Macromex, Frigorifer Tulcea, Kubo Ice Cream Company / Amicii, Aectra Agrochemicals, Beiersdorf Romania, Panovia Prod / Morărița.