WIAD 2015 in Romania: How users’ happiness looks in digital players’ eyes

Digital & Media

Romanian capital hosted, on February 21st, the 4th edition of World Information Architecture Day (WIAD), the only local event dedicated to information architecture specialists. This year’s event theme was the way a well done informational architecture and a relevant digital content can contribute to increase online users’ satisfaction and happiness.

Ana-Maria Bogdan

It is extraordinary to see how, from one year to another, subjects related to informational architecture, user experience and content strategy attract an increased number of participants who, in their day-to-day activity, are confronting with this kind of subjects. At the first edition, there were 60 participants and, this year, we received over 250 participation requests. Moreover, we were especially happy with the extraordinary feedback received over all communication channels regarding the 4th edition of WIAD, as it was considered the most successful until now. This kind of encouragements can only confirm us that we’re on the right way

Ana-Maria Bogdan,

General Manager R/GA Romania.

During the event, Ilia Uvarov (Creative Director, R/GA London) and Mark Lloyd-Ruck (Experience Design Director, R/GA London) focused on creating innovative experiences around the crafted digital products. They discussed about projects developed for brands like Turkcell, Beats, Heineken, Priority, Google and Getty Images, in which they considered 3 main principles: integrating the brands in users’ everyday lifes, developing them on multiple digital channels and the need to test a digital product.

From Possible Romania, Stefan Iarca – Country Head and Daniel Mihai – Senior Design spoke about the challenge to build digital products for a new typology of consumers, those who didn’t know the computer and adopted directly smartphones and tablets.

Alecsandru Grigoriu –  Design Lead and Ciprian Boiciuc – UX Designer from Grapefruit discussed for the first time one of the most complex projects in the local industry: the implementation process for the e-commerce platform for Cosmote and the switch to Telekom.

From Cactus Ideas, Adrian Iacomi – Project Manager & UX Specialist spoke about the importance of offering a positive experience in the medical care sector and exemplified with local successful and less successful examples.

Dan Niculae (Founder & General Manager) and Macrina Damian (UX Specialist) from Panacle presented an innovative telemedicine solution to be officially launched in the next period on Romanian market.

From Fredo & Pid’Jin, Tudor Muscalu and Eugen Erhan talked about the way they develop their ideas and how text and drawings are integrating into their webcomics. They underlined the fact that a successful content is strongly tied to the human values, positive or negative