Romanian PR agency The Public Advisors adds city branding to its competencies

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Romanian PR agency The Public Advisors added to its competencies also city branding, after creating the visual identity manual for the town-hall of Botosani, town situated in the north of Romania.

Elemente de brand_Primaria Municipiului Botosani

The project was a challenge for The Public Advisors’s team, as the agency wanted to contribute to the transition of Botosani from being just a town to being a destination. The mix between agency’s experience in communication and standards impsed by Romanian Academy’s Heraldic, Genealogy and Sigil Comission generated a collection of directions and standards, The Visual Identity Manual of Botosani Town-Hall. The guide makes the visual identity to impact the efficience of Botosani town-hall’s and the clarity the spirit of the city is perceived.

Ovidiu Portariuc, Primarul Municipiului Botosani

It is a message sent to my colleagues to be responsible when it comes of everything related to communication, the image of Botosani’s town-hall and the quality of the services it provides to all the citizens. It matters a lot the way our colleagues are interacting with people, the way they answer their questions and problems and the availability to deal with difficulties. All those factors are contributing to forming a perception over Botosani’s town-hall

Ovidiu Portariuc,

Mayor of Botosani

The brand manual is both a return to traditional values, but also a step forward to establishing the identity and finding a path towards progress.

Raluca Mihalachioiu - Founder The Public Advisors
Raluca Mihalachioiu – Founder The Public Advisors

Our mission was to offer coherence to Botosani town-hall’s image and communication. A brand is defined through the perception people have, through the way they answer to the emotion generated by interacting with this identity. Botosani is confounded with its citizens, local businesses, investors, partners and suppliers, neighbors, employees and clients. The brand promise we are suggesting with this unitary identity represents the spirit of the town and of its community

Raluca Mihalachioiu,

Managing Partner The Public Advisors.

Florin Mare, Brand Strategy Consultant, The Public Advisors

I discovered with a pleasant surprise in Botosani’s town-hall the openness to build unity between communication and interaction. In the same time, there is a content we didn’t need to arrange to formulate brand’s strategy. From the institutional brand of Botosani’s town-hall will be possible to easily extrapolate the community brand in the next period, a brand aiming to attract more visitors and investors in the are

Florin Mare,

Brand Strategy Consultant for The Public Advisors.

The team working on the project included Florin Mare (Brand Strategy Consultant), Raluca Mihalachioiu (founder The Public Advisors) and Tiberiu Barbu (Public Advisor).