Romanian NGO and McCann Romania fight cancer with “Pin the Ribbon”


MRM Romania, McCann Bucharest, UM Romania and McCann PR, together with Renasterea Foundation – NGO that launched in Romania, in 2001, the prevention program against breast cancer, launched “Pin the Ribbon” campaign, an action that assaults ad breaks and streets from Romanian cities to make public aware of breast cancer, the main death cause among Romanian women.

Pin the Ribbon_on TV

MRM Romania found the solution for the campaign to be broadcasted in prime time and, through a guerrilla campaign, to “attract” the participation and support of many public personalities.

Knowing important brands like KFC, Pizza Hut, Rom Autentic or Napolact have the needed budgets to broadcast their ad messages on TV in prime time, MRM Romania and UM Romania convinced the companies to share those ad spaces with a social campaign, “Pin the Ribbon”. Four Romanian channels were open to this proposal, namely Antena 1, ProTV, Kanal D and Prima TV; with some post-production effort, on MArch 8th, all actors in the commercials of the previously mentioned brands wore pink ribbons.

This way, hundreds of pink ribbons were broadcasted on prime time, on 4 main national TV channels, a record for a social campaign and a step forward in promoting the prevention of an disease affecting annually over 6,000 Romanian women.

Pin the Ribbon_Ambassador KIT

The pink ribbons didn’t stop at taking over the TV channels, but they appeared everywhere on streets, using every possible support – from statues to film posters and so on – as an ambassador for “Pin the Ribbon” campaign.

Campaign’s website makes available, for free, ambassadors’ kits, containing each 4 pink ribbons of different sizes, perfect to stick anywhere or on anyone deemed to be worthy to be campaign’s ambassador. Those who order the kit are also invited to make photos after applying them and distribute those on Facebook and Instagram, under  #pintheribbon hashtag.

pin the Ribbon_on Posters

McCann Group Romania’s teams involved in the campaign included:

  • MRM Worldwide Romania: Chief Creative Officer: Nir Refuah, Copywriter: Sandra Bold, Art Director: Nadejda Ghilca; Adam Kubi: Copywriter; Client Service Director: Ionela Buta, Account Manager: Adriana Brutaru, Web Developer: Alexandra Visan, Corporate Communication Manager: Carmen Bistrian. 
  • McCann PR Romania: Lavinia Chican: PR Director; Vio Dan, Junior Account Executive.
  • McCann Bucharest: Dana Hogea: Client Service Director; Gabi Alexandrescu: Group Account Director; Laura Aldea: Group Account Director; Alina Medaru: Account Manager; Iulia Ciortan: Account Executive; Tiberiu Munteanu: AV Director; Alexandru Platon: AV Producer; Adrian Radu: AV Producer; Oana Ioan: AV Producer; Roxana Zaharia: Photo Producer.
  • UM Romania: Victor Croitoru: Media Planning Director; Alina Carasol; Group Account Director.