Possible Games launched “Adventures of Poco Eco”

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Possible Games made available in App Store a game combining music and 3D animation. Available for now for iPhone and iPad, the game is the first in the world marking the launch of an electronic music album.

The “Adventures of Poco Eco” is an adventures one with focus on music and graphic & design exceptional quality. Taking place in an extraordinary visual world, the game captivates users from its first trailer. During the game, the player must help Poco Eco and his tribe to find their lost sounds and can do so by solving mini-puzzles and completing all the 12 3d animation levels.


Game visuals / assets carried out using core Unity3D tools extended with numerous 3rd party (HDR lightmapping) / custom (Lighting shaders) tools. Gameplay mechanics just does the same, a gentle balance of 3rd party triggering / event system (Adventure Creator) layered with customizations for game needs (multi-way triggering, event distribution). Path finding / platfrom management is no exception. Built upon a blazing fast pathfinding library (A*) modded with waypoint graph / connectivity management (supporting moving platforms). Music playback also incorporates some lightweight magic in terms of timing (considering absolute DSP times)

Gergely Borbás,

Senior Innovation Possible

When downloading the game, players have the chance to win for free the new music album from iamyak music producer, entitled “Lost Sounds” and which is also the soundtrack of the game.

The graphics of the game, which introduce the player in an unique and fantastic world filled with special effects, was made by Possible Games Hungary. Available for now for iPhone and iPad, the game will soon be available also for Android.


Possible CEE is a full-service digital agency with over 7 years of experience and a portfolio of regional clients which includes companies like Tesco, Carrefour, Air France KLM, Sanofi – Aventis, MOL, Accenture Services, 1Hotels, Delaco, P&G, Coca – Cola, Telenor, Raiffeisen Bank, ATV, Minimax, Generali, AXA, and others. The agency offers a range of services which includes strategy, media, communication & design, creative, technology and mobile advertising. Possible Games is known for games and apps like “Small & Furious”, “The End App”, “Die Hard Game” or  Totoya Creatures.

An international network, Possible is has, worldwide, 33 offices and over 1,300 employees and services international clients such are AT&T, Barclay’s, Comcast, Dell, P&G, Nokia, Microsoft, Mazda, Starwood, World Wildlife Fund, Absolut Vodka, Michael Kors, Canon, Nike, Audi, Sony Playstation, Pringles, etc. In Europe, it is present in UK, Poland, Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Russia and Sweden.

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