Refresh for Frigorifer, signed by AMPRO Design

Branding, Business

AMPRO Design, Romanian brand and packaging design agency, finalized the corporate rebranding for Frigorifer. Refreshing the image of the brand, the leader on Romanian frozen vegetables market, was made through a change of logo, slogan, stationery&print and website.

Frigorifer had a very good business history and an excellent B2B reputation, but the situation wasn’t as good at corporate image’s level.

Irinel Ionescu,  Creative Partner AMPRO Design
Irinel Ionescu, Creative Partner AMPRO Design

The corporate image “was suffering because of a lack of consistency in branding, due to the impersonal and complicated lofo, the lack of emotional communication and an uncertain product architecture”

Irinel Ionescu,

Creative Partner AMPRO Design.

Brand’s previous identity was only relaying that Frigorifer is freezing, storing and packing different products, not only vegetables. Now, after the emotional infusion brought by the rebranding and the add of a new contrast color suggesting brand’s vitality, Frigorifer says that it is a vegetables producer it grows, harvests and selects with care and skill.

We felt the need of a change, of an improvement for our image, and the people from AMPRO Design came to meet our demands. Now we have a fresh, elegant image, who will surely help us in our plans to develop the external market of the company

Nicusor Janea,

General Manager Frigorifer.

In Romania, Frigorifer is the largest producer of frozen vegetables, producing for both own brands (Casa Țărănească and Edna), but also for its Romanian and international competitors or for different owned brands (like Cora).

AMPRO Design team involved in this rebranding included Irinel Ionescu – Creative Director, Ana Poiana – Account Manager, Mihaela Dumitrescu – Client Service Director, Sorin Iacob – Fotograf, Mako Lehel Mor and Francesca Muresan – Designers.