GPeC, the most important e-commerce event in Romania, started its 10th edition

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March 19th marked the debut of the 10th annual edition of GPeC (eCommerce Awards Gala), the most important event for Romanian e-commerce. According to the organizers, this year’s edition will be a memorable one and will mark the first decade of existence of the event with a series of premium events scheduled to take place during the next 8 months

GPeC 2015 online stores competition is open for entries until April 27th, with the online stores having the opportunity to submit their candidacy to GPeC .

Different from the previous edition, the number of judging criteria increased from around 90 to more than 120, we introduced in evaluation specific criteria for the mobile area, we updated some criteria to match 2015’s levels considering global trends in e-commerce and we introduced a new discussions stage between jurors and stores over the audit reports

Andrei Radu.

To enter the competition, the stores must fulfill a series of criteria, including respecting the European legislation in the field and good practices in e-commerce such are: publishing all contact information, respecting the 14 days retour term with no reason given by clients policy, correct information of users on final price of products, accepted payment methods, delivery, warranty and service conditions and so on.

Once they fully fulfill the preselection criteria, the stores are branded “online trusted stores” and receive the logo, being also accepted into the competition.

The evaluation during the competition will be made by over 20 specialists in e-commerce. The evaluation of stores takes place in 2 stages (spring and autumn) in order to see the evolution during the year. During the final autumn judging stage, the jurors will also do mystery shopping, placing real orders in order to give grades for professionalism and services provided by the online stores which entered the competition .

The participation fee in GPeC 2015 competition starts from Euro 250, with the online stores receiving in exchange benefits worth around Euro 2,800. The stores who want to participate must fill in a form available on GPeC’s website, by latest April 27th.

Another element of GPeC 2015 is GPeC Summit (May 11-13), scheduled to take place in Bucharest and which will see coming in front of the audience renown national and international speakers