Wool integrates The Google Art Project


The WOOL | Covilhã Urban Art Festival presented itself, on March 17th, as a partner of the Google Art Project, providing 147 artworks for its gallery, made between 2011 and 2014.

01 _ WOOL in the world - bordalo II

At Google’s invitation, , these 147 actions also integrate the new immersive experiences platforms which where launched: Chromecast for TVs, with a Chrome extension for the Desktop, Android Wear for watches and mobile apps.

The 147 interventions that compose the WOOL’s portfolio, carried out between 2011 and 2014, by a total of 56 artists (national and internal artists), at 6 portuguese cities and 2 foreign cities (these for performing in recognized international projects), presents itself on detail, making known to the users of the multiple platforms all the details of each piece/action: it location, title, author, inspirations behind the pieces, etc.

02 _ WOOL in the world - nespoon

This integration on Street Art Project, which result from a self-proposal made to the Google Cultural Institute, in the end of 2014, can be read “as the effective recognition of the hard and passionate work developed along the short WOOL existence and that gives us a renewed energy to continue our work of promoting, clarifying and valorization of the Portuguese Urban Art”, as Lara Seixo Rodrigues said, WOOL’s co-founder, curator and producer.

She added that “it is undeniable that fills us with pride, seeing ourselves next to the big Urban Art World ‘institutions’, whose work we follow closely for many years”, highlighting that with this new global expansion, the Street Art Gallery gathers more than 10,000 works of Urban Art in the whole world, involving more than 85 partners from 34 countries.

03 _ WOOL in the world - pantónio

When the street is it canvas, the world becomes an open air art gallery for all to enjoy. The technology allows to preserve these artistic expressions and make them available when and where you want. This digital collection of over 10,000 images, 90 new collections  and art into animated GIFs from around the world will lead to vibrant urban art for computer screens, smart mobile phones and watches through the Internet connection

Amit Sood,

Responsible Google Art Project.

As noted above, for the new chapter of Street Art integrated in Google Art Project, there were developed new immersive experiences that will also lead Urban Art to the daily lives of Portuguese and users all around the world: works of Urban Art exposed on TV via Chromecast, at computers with Chrome extensions, at smart watches with Android Wear and at mobile applications developed specifically for this project.

04 _ WOOL in the world - add fuel

The WOOL | Covilhã Urban Art Festival participates in all these new immersive experiences of Google, highlighting the fact that WOOL is one of the four invited partners joining the Android Wear platform.


To sign the date and the integration on all Google Art Project platforms, WOOL has invited the Angolan artist Januario Jano aka Jano Mcbeeboo to perform an intervention at LXFactory (Lisbon), increasing the number of international artists on WOOL’s portfolio and sharing our best works throughout the world (images available here)

WOOL @ GOOGLE art project 1-1

Google Art Project has 85 partners in 34 countries, more than 3.500 artists are represented and more than 10.000 art works are included.