Romanian state TV, GMP and Webstyler recruit veterans to fight depression, in a pilot workshop on March 28th


GMP Advertising and Webstyler, in partnership with Romanian state TV TVR, organize, on March 28th, “Veterans of Depression” workshop, an initiative that aims to pull this affection to the light and out from the tabu subjects area.


The campaigns aims to people with a history related to depression and aims to recruit and instruct them in order to identify among the people they know the ones currently fighting this affection without knowing. The Veterans will be instructed to recognize the symptoms and the causes of depression and to communicate with the potential patients in order to guide them to see a specialist.


The information campaign runs on a dedicated website. The people that passed through a depression and want to et involved to help others can participate to a pilot workshop, coordinated by the psycho-therapist Mugur Ciumageanu, where they will be instructed to recognize the symptoms and how to approach the potential patients and convince them to speak to a specialist (family doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, psycho-therapist). The workshop will take place on March 29th, in Bucharest, but will also broadcasted in live streaming on campaign’s website.


Like a war, depression is an experience to the limit of death, considering a considerable percentage of those affected are fighting with suicidal thoughts. Our effort aims to improve the coming back mechanism. When it comes of mental affections, demanding a diagnose rarely comes from the patient. What this pilot project aims for is to create an intermediate “taskforce”, through Depression Veterans, which, knowing the affection, can act to protect, if needed, their friends and family

Ioana Gheorghita,

Head of Strategy GMP Advertising.


The campaign was recently launched during the event “Stress: enemy or friend”, organized by the Association of Family MD from Bucharest and Ilfov, who showed interest in supporting the GMP-Webstyler initiative, also supported by Romanian TV.


Only some of the patients with depressive affections are reaching to the doctor. I think patients have a desire to find out more info on this affection from those who already lived the same suffering. This applies even more when it comes of patients with depression, who would be much more receptive and trustful in the recommendations coming from those who lived the hard side of a depresson

Ileana Anca Efrim,

Family MD, Psycho-Therapist, member of Family Doctors Association


The teams working on this campaign included:

  • GMP Advertising: Ioana Gheorghiţă, Head of Strategy; Seba Romano, Copywriter; Florian Nistor, Senior Art Director; Mihai Gongu, Creative Director; Alexandra Mihalca, Account Manager; Madalina Simionescu, Production Manager; Victor Trifan, Graphic Designer, Roxana Poede, PR Account Director GMP PR and Balint Hajagos – photographer.
  • Webstyler: Katalin Balint, User Experience Strategist; Andrei Balan, Head of Communication Strategy; Adriana Ciocan, Senior Project Manager; Dragos Bodin, Junior Front-End Developer; Cosmin Panait, Web Developer; Anamaria Ghiurca, Client Service Director.