D&D Research, 15 years later – the road from “at least 2 solutions” to “cool, old school”

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Romanian research company D&D Research turns 15 this year and marks the occasion with a series of novelties, from a new positioning to new work tools and a new headquarters.

The team which includes Dan Petre, Phd. (Business Developer), Dragos Iliescu, Phd. (Chief scientist), Vlad Tureanu (Quantitative Director) and Cosmin Peleașa (Head of statistics and analysis) started the adventure of exploring the Romanian consumer since 2000.

Vlad Tureanu,  Quantitative Director D&D Research
Vlad Tureanu, Quantitative Director D&D Research


The marketing was, back than, in a favorable period: the market was relatively young and very little segmented, the consumers were still very receptive to the advances from advertising and the marketing budgets were pretty generous. There was a huge potential of opportunities for the brands who knew how to use research and, for us, that meant fast development of a various typology of projects

Vlad Tureanu,

Quantitative Director.


Meanwhile, D&D Research signed research reports for brands from all business segments and agency’s clients were both companies (Pepsico, Agrana, Raiffeisen Bank, Omega Pharma, Rombat, Lafarge, Piraeus Bank, Universitatea Bucuresti, Pheonix Media, Peli Filip and others) and advertising agencies (DDB România, Leo Burnett, Lowe & Partners, OMD Media Group, Bridge Communication, Brandient – with H&M, La Fântâna , Petrom, Samsung, Otter, Delaco, Leroy Merlin, Vodafone).

In 2015, the research company switches from the promise “at least two solutions” to “cool, old school”

Dan Petre, Business Developer D&D Research
Dan Petre, Business Developer D&D Research


With this positioning statement, we are communicating with legitimacy our main competitive advantage: we have an unique mix of competencies because we bring together in a well soldered team experts in psychology, sociology, communication and statistics. These people are, in the same time, theoreticians with a lot of school, active in their profile academic communities (from where the concept of “old school”), but also experts with consistent experience in applied research (from where the idea of “cool”)

Practically, “old school” speaks about what we do, methodology and the fact that we master very well the healthy principles of scientific research, made by the book, while “cool” speaks about how we do that. With an open and flexible attitude, which allows us to match our research design on the needs of each type of business, within friendly budgets. We are a research shop. We weren’t and we don’t want to become a corporation. Maybe that is the reason why we keep liking what we do and get involved personally in all the projects

Dan Petre,

Business Developer.


During D&D’s 15 years of activity, the founding members of the company developed other 5 businesses connected to the research one, covering the main branches of applied psychology and comportment sciences, namelu Test Central (the biggest publisher of psychological tests in Romania), SHL Romania (authorized distributor for the assessment and talent management solutions CEB SHL Talent Management™), OWA – Organizational Wellbeing Assessment (programs to evaluate and develop well-being strategies within organizations), and Parenting Romania (online platform with psychological tests dedicated to children and adolescents) and Pemeserie (online platform for professional orientation tests).

The 6 entities are reunited under the brand Psyence , with the common vision of “psychology applied in business”.

Dragoș Iliescu, Chief scientist D&D Research
Dragoș Iliescu, Chief scientist D&D Research

After all, D&D Research positioning is in line with the philosophy of the entire Psyence, “psychology applied in business”. We are offering to our clients a customized market research, made by the most experienced applied psychology professionals in Romania, in order to guide their business decisions\

Dragoș Iliescu,

Chief scientist.


The start of the new developing stage for the research business happens in the same time with moving in a new home.

Cosmin Peleașa, Head of statistics and Analysis D&D Research
Cosmin Peleașa, Head of statistics and Analysis D&D Research


We don’t just happen to call it “home” and not “headquarters”, because it is a real home and not a cold office space. We talk about a very beautiful location around Gradina Icoanei area (center of Bucharest – n.red), where we finally found place for all our books and for a mini-sports hall

Cosmin Peleașa

Head of statistics and Analysis