Publicis Romania and ACR used Google Street View to change the look and feel for auto tests 

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Publicis Romania and ACR used Google Street View to change the look and feel for auto tests, as ACR (Romanian Auto Club) realized the testing methods to prove the auto legislation knowledge are almost unchanged for a century and, for a beginner, they doesn’t offer always a complete perspective over the traffic.


After being the first to found a driving school in Romania in 1910, ACR comes, 105 years later, with an innovation aimed to help prepare those who want to get their driving licence and consolidate their legislative knowledge in the field. And Street View Test, the first auto tests in the world formulated on Google Street View, appeared.

The new platform – – maintains the format and number of questions from the traditional auto tests and also the time available to come up with the answers.


The auto tests formulated on Google Street View by ACR instructors are changing the classical auto tests, aiming not to replace, but to complete them. The purpose of the new tests is to present questions related to real situations tht drivers can identify better with as they happen right on the streets they will use while driving. Considering the realistic tests useful, ACR also launched a petition to include those modern tests in the official preparation activities for the driving licence exam.


The decision of using Street View’s API came from the fact that the images in the classical test don’t surprise the daily reality, while Google Street View captures all the time relevant situations, who become real lessons for those preparing to take their driver’s licence. The app can be used to test the traffic knowledge using desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets.

Anyone who discovers something wrong that happened in traffic and was surprise by Google Street View can report it directly on the website and ACR’s instructors will transform it into a question and include it into the tests

Alin Drosu,

Deputy Manager ACR.


Publicis Romania’s team working on ACR project included Alex Badila – Managing Director, Jorg Riommi – Chief Creative Officer, Dan Frinculescu – Group Creative Director & Copywriter, Miruna Macri – Art Director / Designer, Ada Musat – Copywriter, Constantin Bunica and Tiberiu Bucovei – Web developers, Calin Buzea – Head of Digital, Alexandra Murray – Client Service Director, Oana Popescu – Account Manager. The production house is, while other credits go to Marius Tudor and Mihai Costache.