Maciej Wyszynski: Every store owner should set the base for CRM capabilities

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Maciej Wyszynski, Managing Director Central & Eastern Europe at Sociomantic Labs (Poland) and one of the international experts to attend as speaker at TeCOMM eCommerce Conference & Expo (7-8 May, Bucharest), considers every store owner should think not only about the front-end of the business, but also set the base for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities in the back. 

Within Sociomantic Labs, Maciej is responsible for regional strategy, the sales strategy and development, and customer relations. Before his presence at TeCOMM, Maciej Wyszynski talked to event’s representatives about the reasons of losing customer loyalty and how he sees the online trade in Romania. 

Maciej Wyszyński- Sociomantic

  • Which are the reasons why some of the loyal clients give up on buying from some sites?


There are multiple reasons for loss of loyalty. Among these are customer hesitation, shortcomings in marketing strategies and technical issues – all of which are crucial for online sales success and should be in the spotlight for marketers. While the former issues can be resolved with programmatic advertising – which allows for personalized ad targeting, the latter can be tackled with high website usability awareness and careful implementation of new technical solutions. Lastly, marketing related flaws is a topic that I will focus on during the presentation – ‘7 Deadly Sins of Digital Loyalty” which I will introduce during the TeCOMM conference. You’re cordially invited to join us for the session. 🙂


  • How the online stores can keep loyal clients? Are there any strategies?


For all types of customers, those who visited our store for the first time and those who are frequent and loyal users, the most important aspects of the purchase are positive emotions and satisfaction. These are two key components of the customer’s purchase journey and forms the core of customer loyalty too. Marketers can achieve this by focusing on investing in relations, delighting customers and answering to their needs. When they succeed in convincing consumers to return to the brand; to buy again, marketers can then move on to the next and last stage of the full funnel marketing model – Advocacy, in which the customer becomes the brand advocate and convinces others to make a purchase.



  • What do you think about the Romanian e-commerce market?


Romania’s online industry as well as their e-commerce market has one of the biggest growth potentials in the region. Considering the fact that in 2014 Romanian online retail exceeded 1 billion Euro compared to 600 million Euro in 2013 (according to Romanian e-commerce players together with GPeC representatives) and taking into account similar prognosis from this year, we can expect it to be very exciting. One must also not forget the fact that the Romanian market is one of the biggest in Central Eastern Europe. In 2014, the amount of Internet users in Romania exceeded 11 million. These two aspects combined generate a great deal of interest in the Romanian market among international e-commerce players.

  • How was from your point of view 2014 for online sales in your country?


At Sociomantic I am responsible for Central and Eastern Europe and have an opportunity to look deep into the e-commerce market in all these countries. The condition of a nation’s economy and politics has a substantial impact on the e-commerce industry and this is why we notice a huge diversity in markets condition across the CEE region. Some markets such as Czech Republic or Romania developed rather rapidly or like Poland, which is on a stable growth path. At the same time, countries like Ukraine are struggling amidst political and economical crisis or like Russia suffer from devaluation of the currency. 2014 was very diverse but I believe 2015 will be far more stable.


  • Do you have any advice for online stores owners?


Treat every customer with experiences that are personal and tailor-made for them and invest in them – because loyalty doesn’t happen on it’s own. Every store owner should not think only about the front-end of the business but set the base for CRM capabilities in the back. When you start to segment your users from the very beginning it will make your CLV strategy more successfull as you will be able to talk to your client on an individual basis. Think about internationalization of your e-business as this strategy can scale your business easily across the European Union. Finally, do not forget about mobile.


TeCOMM Bucharest is scheduled to take place on May 7th-8th 2015, at Crowne Plaza hotel. This is the first time when the conference is organized in the Romanian capital, after four previous editions organized in Cluj-Napoca and Iaşi. Until now, there were up to 150 speakers and over 1,200 people who participated to the event.

The event will take place during two days, the first hosting the Ecommerce Conference and RoMagento (presentations and debates about the latest tendencies and recommendations in this field and in parallel will be happening workshops for online stores developers which use the Magento platform) and one which will host Workshops and MarkDay (12 workshops will be happening in parallel in two different rooms for the ones interested in SEO, optimization, CRO, analytics, conversion, logistics and trademark and 6 other workshops dedicated to the online marketers). More information about the event organized by  Libero Events is available here.