Renania’s business – steady growth in 2014 and Q1 2015

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After a business modernization stemming from massive investment in technology,  coupled with prolific recruitment and a new customer relations strategy for clients and partners from the Renania Academy Safety Forum, Renania records steady growth: The 2014 figures show a 34% increase in the net profit compared to 2013, while the turnover increased by 16%; moreover, in the first quarter of 2015 the turnover increased by 20%.

f taudor_DSC4772 portrait
Florentina Taudor, General Manager Renania.

The financial results provided by Deloitte, one of the Big Four companies, are a validation of the strategy that I pledged to implement when I took over the company’s management office, three years ago. The vision that I proffered in front of the stakeholders – that of restructuring the company by aligning the latest technological processes and activities, coupled with an extensive influx of human capital aiming a better anticipation approach, escaping the comfort zone and turning performance into a common practice, have brought a company that already had a leadership position on a path of continuos spectacular results. It was not an easy process, as it was hard to convince the „veterans” of the need for a restructuring process in a company that was already performing well. Over time, it emerged as obvious the fact that this was the right path to follow if we wanted to keep the same level of performance on a long term. Knowing the plans of the management team, I am convinced that good news will not stop here

 Florentina Taudor,

General Manager Renania.

Renania – the safety industry leader in Romania – has 19 years of tradition and performance in the import, distribution and consultancy in the occupational safety area. In 2014, the company posted a record turnover of over €23 million.