Job opportunities on June 27th: the career fair “Fabrica de Joburi”

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Fabrica de Joburi, a project powered by Media FEM – Școala Națională de Jurnalism, will organize the Ploiesti edition on June 27th. The career fair series continues with a one-day event in AFI Palace Ploiesti, reuniting top employers in the communication industry and adjacent areas. The main purpose of this event is to promote the social and economic inclusion of women who are socially disadvantaged.

The first two editions of “Fabrica de Joburi” took place in Bucharest – May 28th, AFI Palace Cotroceni and Pitesti – June 6th, Pitesti Mall. Following the Ploiesti edition, there will be another event in Bucharest, taking place in September.

The career fair can be defined as a platform that facilitates a fertile dialogue between employers and future employees, who are given the opportunity to start a career in one of the following areas: call center, customer care, mass media, public relations, marketing, sales, research etc. The exhibition center is designed with the job seekers’ needs in mind. Those who want to broaden their career horizons will find a prosperous field for interaction with employers and they will be able to participate in live interviews, competitions and contests, practice tests, make-up sessions and presentation workshops held by the participating companies. On top of that, successful entrepreneurs will offer consultancy and training sessions for the visitors.

The Ploiesti edition will take place in AFI Palace Ploiesti mall, between 11 AM – 5 PM, and the exhibition center will consist of up to 10 stands of iconic companies and agencies in the communication and/or marketing field: Avon, Blue Point, Romania Hypermarche – cora , Decathlon, Depanero, FrontLine Marketing, Generali, Johnson Controls, Lugera – the people Republic, NN, Teleperformance and Yazaki Romania.

“Fabrica de Joburi” is a project addressed to students who are in search for a job, but also to those who want to develop their personal and professional skills in order to enter the workforce or to make a professional shift. The participating brands will offer not only job opportunities, but also modern tools of development and recruitment for future professionals in areas connected to the communication industry.

The event taking place in Ploiesti benefits from a large exposure in the national and local media, provided by the following media partners: Radio Prahova, Ploiesti TV, Prahova Business, AdHugger, Cariere, Contact Center Magazine, Radio3Net, Workstickers si Educativa.

The strategic partners of the career fair are: Liga Studentilor U.P.G Ploiesti and Aegee Ploiesti (Asociatia Studentilor Europeni Ploiesti).

The recruitment platform “Fabrica de Joburi” is powered by Media FEM – Scoala Nationala de Jurnalism, a project aimed at promoting egual rights in order to fight against discrimination, surpass cultural stereotypes and increase integration for women and vulnerable communities and groups.

Media FEM is a project destined to promote equality in the mass media community, with the main objective of instructing active members of the community, offering training and retraining opportunities for both active members and those who want to join the mass media industry.