Romanian Jazz signs a new campaign for Ardealul pate

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Romanian Jazz signs a new campaign for Ardealul pate, using as “ingredients” tasty food, people from Ardeal and ad stereotypes.

Captura spot bere

Pate is a handy food that matches Romanians’ taste. Speaking of our culinary preferences, we know we don’t like tasteless things….The new ads signed by Jazz team bring under the spotlight the element that makes the difference for Ardealul: the unmistakable taste of pate with the enough quantity of spice to make a meal memorable (…) We thank to Jazz team for the local insight, the creative idea and flexibility it showed

Andreea Toloaca

Marketing Director Orkla.

Captura spot detergent

Through the new communication campaign, we wanted to bring back in consumers’ attention the competitive advantage of Ardealul pate – the good taste, the unique mix of condiments and spices from Ardeal. We have a very offering campaign idea – “Everyone deserves tasty food, even …”. This “even…” allows us to target students that are far away from home, those caught by a series who forget to eat, those saving for holidays, people who woke up early in the morning to go fishing, people working extra-hours in agencies and so on. On TV, we chose to speak about those acting in commercials, maintaining the consumption occasions which are relevant for our target (…)

Gina Miu

Senior Brand Manager Orkla.

If “Everyone deserves tasty food”, than that is deserved also by those acting in other commercials , not necesarely for food, but where food appears or might appear: detergents commercials where nobody asks if the food that makes the stain tastes good and in the beer commercials where we speak about malt, quality hop, but not about what we eat with that tasty beer

Andreea Ghenoiu,

Group Creative Director Jazz.

On TV, the campaign has 2 TVCs that troll the 2 ad stereotypes, reminding of the importance of the taste for anyone and anytime. The ads start like classic executions for detergents or beer. Until the people from Ardeal appear all of the sudden, bringing the food with them. The campaign is also present in print and online.


  • Jazz: Valentin Suciu – Creative Partner, Andreea Ghenoiu – Group Creative Director, Alin Badiu – Art Director, Irina Pencea – Managing Partner, Georgiana Neacsu – Account Manager.
  • Orkla Foods Romania: Andreea Toloaca – Marketing Manager si Gina Miu – Senior Brand Manager.
  • Ads production: Multimedia Est, Radu Muntean – director, Tudor Lucaciu – DOP.
  • Online ads are directed by Valentin Suciu (Jazz).