Possible Games launched a new mobile strategy game, Merchants of Space

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After winning a Bronze Lion in Cannes with its Adventures of Poco Eco, Possible Games launched a mobile strategy game Merchants of Space which brings to the players an intergalactic adventure and which can be downloaded from AppStore.


Due to our new user interface system, we managed to modify the in-game screens without rebuilding the entire game. The data loads dynamically, which allows more of games’ mechanics to load rapidly. Collecting and analyzing the data from players is done in real time, which offers an impeccable game experience

Dániel Moró,

Lead Game Designer Possible


We want to maintain our position as innovators within the industry and to show how far can quality graphics go, even on the small surface allowed by a mobile phone’s screen. The award won in Cannes (…) give us trust that the market is prepared for games of high tech quality and as much innovation as possible

Stefan Iarca,

Country Head PossibleCEE.

Possible Games, part of Possible Worldwide, is also known for games and apps like Small & Furious, The End App, Die Hard Game and Totoya Creatures.