Starcom infographic – The Future of Money

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A new study by Romanian Starcom MediaVest was made considering the factors announcing major changes in the way people are making transactions with each other. Influenced by globalization and tech advance, the daily transactions are changing and new relations appear between brands and consumers, along with new consumption habits among people. The study analyzed what is the influence of the new mobile payments systems, of virtual currencies and of the social commerce the role of daily transactions.

The analysis follows the development of global trends and their existence at local level, while the target includes people aged 19-34 y.o. and experts from 18 countries all over the world.

Future-of-money-Local Perspective

The young generation is the one that reacted to the changes and international studies show young people are extremely open to the new payments means and more and more skeptical toward traditional methods. An Accenture study from last year shows 52% young people used mobile payment, 41% making use of their phones to pay at least once a month.

P2P Payments, bitcoins or virtual goods are just a few from the new global trends when it comes of the way money are spent.

Future-of-money_Starcom MediaVest Group